CAP CMO Regulation

During the last review of the Common Agricultural Policy, the European Parliament adopted an amendment to the report on the common market organisation in the issue of imports with lower environmental standards.

The Article 188a was entitled “Import of agriculture and agri-food products from third countries” and stated:

“Agriculture and agri-food products may only be imported from third countries if they comply with production standards and obligations consistent with those adopted, in particular in the field of environmental and health protection, for the same products harvested in the Union or made from such products. The Commission may adopt implementing acts laying down rules on compliance applicable to operators with regard to imports, taking into account reciprocity agreements with third countries. Those implementing acts shall be adopted in accordance with examination procedure referred to in Article 229(2).”

This amendment, introducing cross-cutting mirror measures, was was later narrowed down to the issue of import tolerances for banned pesticide residues. But it was ultimately dropped during negotiations with the Council and the Commission in favour of a joint declaration inviting the European Commission to publish a report on the subject by the end of the first half of 2022.


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