Farm to fork strategy

In its “Farm to Fork” (F2F) strategy, the Commission has therefore made two commitments regarding the rules applicable to imported products:

"The Commission will take into account environmental aspects when assessing requests for import tolerances for pesticide substances no longer approved in the EU while respecting WTO standards and obligations."

“In order to promote a gradual move towards the use of safer plant protection products, the EU will consider, in compliance with WTO rules and following a risk assessment, to review import tolerances for substances meeting the "cut-off criteria" 48 and presenting a high level of risk for human health The EU will engage actively with trading partners, especially with developing countries, to accompany the transition towards the more sustainable use of pesticides to avoid disruptions in trade and promote alternative plant protection products and methods.”

Source : Communication of the European Commission "Farm to fork strategy' for a fair, healthy and environmentally-friendly food system", 2020

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