Why do EU standards not apply to food imported from third countries? (Webinar in Germany)

Webinar organized by Slow Food Germany and Bread for the World with the participation of German national and European parliamentarians, Greens and Social Democrats.

Minimum standards for food production apply in the European Union. Together with decision-makers and Bread for the World, Slow Food Germany has organized an online discussion on 24 June 2024 to get to the bottom of why these EU minimum standards do not yet apply to imported food from third countries such as Brazil and the USA and how this could be changed. Above all, because the lack of coherence in terms of standards results in distortions of competition for local farmers; consumers cannot be sure how the food has been produced and treated. However, the most serious consequences are borne by people in third countries, because the production of food that does not meet EU requirements harms health through the use of highly hazardous pesticides, destroys ecosystems and is associated with land grabbing and rainforest deforestation. How can we remedy this situation? What barriers and what solutions are there?


Rita Hagl-Kehl, Member of the German Bundestag, SPD

Martin Häusling, Member of the European Parliament, Alliance 90/The Greens

Francisco Marí, Advisor on World Food, Agricultural Trade, Maritime Policy, Bread for the World

Dr Peter Clausing, expert in toxicology, Pesticide Action Network Germany

Dr Nina Wolff, Chairwoman of Slow Food Germany

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